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It is hot, has a viscous appearance like honey and glows in an orange-red tone: In order to be able to remove molten glass from a kiln with a temperature of 1,200° C, it requires a skilful hand on the blowpipe. And a great deal of experience in order to be able to form a parison using one’s breath and smooth, precise movements which will later be formed into an elegant glass goblet. Steam drifts through the kiln hall and the smell of fire and burned beech wood fills the air. Concentration can be seen in the faces of the glassmiths on the stage in the kiln hall – yet, one also notices their routine in working with glass which has fascinated mankind for 5,000 years now. Probably due to its amorphous consistency, its firm viscosity and the glowing heat in its raw, natural state, glass has always exuded enchantment which is also surrounded by many legends and anecdotes.

Anyone who visits the Freiherr von Poschinger Glass Works in Frauenau, located in the Bavarian Forest, will take a step into the world of tradition of skilled craftsmanship spanning over four hundred and fifty years and experience first-hand the production of mouth-blown and handmade glasses. Today, combined with in-house innovations and machined tools, an ancient skilled craft is practised which culminates in the creation of the most exclusive crystal glass objects in their purest form.


The glass works attained its European-wide uniqueness in 2011 when it changed its company structure to that of a niche provider of custom-made and specialized products. As a result of this, for example, an exclusive, custom-made replica of a famous pitcher from the Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne now adorns the private apartments of the Pope: the pitcher was presented as a gift to Pope Benedict XVI during his trip to Germany.


Aside from its own glass collection, which has formed part of the product assortment for centuries and remains part of the assortment, Poschinger offers solution for every “glass-related problem” and is able to implement any and every customer wish – ranging from the reproduction of historical glass objects including lighting elements, objects for architects, trophies and glass bells for clocks to the production of prototypes and specialized solutions in flat glass. Both historical and the most moderns glass making techniques are utilized and the customer can choose from a wide array of glass colours. We produce starting from a single glass object, however, small or large series can, of course, also be ordered. Every step of the way in the production chain is done by hand, with the result that every glass, regardless of whether or not it is part of a series or is a single, custom-made object, leaves the factory as a unique and one-of-a-kind object.




Poschinger Glass Works


Moosauhütte 14

94258 Frauenau

Tel. +49 9926 94010

Business hours


Glas Works


Mon. to Fri.: 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm

Sat.: 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm

As part of the viewing, our guests may try their hand at blowing their own glass flower balls.


From the 3. November-week until the 2. December-week as well as on Sundays and public holiday the glass works will be closed.Guided tours for groups can be booked in advance


Admission fees: Adults: € 2 / Children: € 1 (under 6 years of age are free).
Self blown flower balls: € 5.


Guided tours for groups can be booked in advance.


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