We offer custom architectural elements and details such as facade decorations, glass foundation stones, commemorative panels and individual glass solutions for interior decoration. Due to its translucency, glass is a popular material in architecture nowadays, in addition to its use in windows. As a material, it delivers on the desire of contemporary architects for more transparency and light in interiors. Coloured glass – blown or cast – can also be used to create custom coloured highlights. We have been working with internationally-renowned architects and studios for years on realising projects of this sort.‚Äč

Glass Gardens of Frauenau

126 glass balloons in various sizes on the southern façade of Frauenau Glass Museum. Project for the facade design of the “Glass Gardens of Frauenau” by Magdalena Jetelová.

Engraved cast glass

Foundation stone of a public building. Cast glass blocks in coloured glass. Engraved and frosted. 

Architectural art

Coloured glass hemispheres for the design of a school wall for the Würth Foundation.