In collaboration with international artists, sculptors and designers, we help realise glass objects, freely hand-formed pieces and sculptures. In addition to the mouth-blowing process, glass production techniques such as cast glass are also commonly used for artistic pieces. Developing custom production processes is always a challenge, as is tailoring the object to the precise demands of the artist and the final piece.‚Äč

The weight of Blue

Glass vases encased by a solid copper ring. The vases were blown directly through the ring. Design study for Outofstock Design, Sebastián Alberdi

Waldmünchner Himmelscheibe

“Himmelsscheibe” cast glass project for a church interior.


Cast glass blocks from a metal mould for a bronze and glass object by the sculptor Wilken Skurk.


Sand casting in coloured glass for the artist Brigitte Schuster.

CAST Glass

Cast glass with colour powder inclusions.