About us

VON POSCHINGER GLASS PROJECTS is your experienced partner for realising and producing glass projects and objects – ranging from one-of-a-kind pieces through to series-produced glass. 

With over 450 years of experience in the production and finishing of glass, we can rely on an extensive network, a range of collaborators and a team of outstanding glassmakers to realise the projects and the designs required by our international customers.

We supply glass for architecture, art, interiors, lighting and many other applications. Bespoke products, reproductions, replacement products, repairs, exclusive drinking glass series, trophies and awards.

Our glass is mouth-blown and handmade using an array of traditional and innovative glassmaking techniques and production methods (style, cameo glass, etc.).

Almost all our glass products can be refined and decorated in many classical and modern finishing techniques, whether grinding, engraving, hand painting or gilding. 

The finest monogram engraving, portrait engraving, edge grinding, sandblasting, enamel painting, gold and platinum edge work, mirroring, coating and many other finishing methods are available from our specialised and experienced glassmaking team.

Our discerning customers include renowned international designers, nobility from all over Europe and the Arab world, as well as renowned national and international companies and private individuals.

Glasmacher Handwerk