Vases series

Vase series “Glasgow” by Anna Weber for FAVIUS. Partially flashed glass with slightly translucent enamel white on crystal

wine glasses 

Mouth blown and handmade from the finest crystal glass. Glasses for the highest standards.

Glass Engraving

Cups with elaborate and detailed engraving.

Drinking Glass Series 

Chalice glass series in crystal and coloured glass for a design project.

Vaasid Lillega

Clear lines, brilliant crystal glass. Vases in various sizes.


We translate both traditional and innovative concepts from international customers and designers into hand-blown, hand-crafted and tailor-made drinking glasses, vases, trophies, interior objects or furniture elements in crystal and coloured glass –and that in almost all sizes. Drinking glasses, cups and vases can be finished with techniques such as grinding, engraving, hand painting or gilding.

We have a long track record of working with internationally-renowned designers such as Sebastian Herkner, Werner Aisslinger, Ghiora Aharoni and other studios.


Vases Artdentity

Series of vases in crystal, grey and black. The possibilities of old glassmaking techniques and surface finishes were already taken into account in the design process.