Repairs, restorations, reproductions and additions require sophisticated – and sometimes traditional – glass production and finishing processes. Restoring or reproducing glass is a task that only the most experienced specialists are able to handle. It is often necessary to resort to almost forgotten techniques and methods to complete such projects – and only very few glassmakers have mastered these arts.​

Moorish Kiosk 

Reproduction of mirrored glass turret balls for the Moorish kiosk in the park of Linderhof Palace.

Glass insert

Reproduction of a cobalt blue glass insert for an historical silver mount.


Coloured glass cylinders for an altar.

Glass Bell

Glass bell in green with a hand-engraved dedication and glass eyelet for mounting for a chapel project in the former glassmaking village of Neuglashütte (Kisújbánya) in Hungary.

Glass Insert

Restoration of a jug with a silver mount. Crystal glass with an elaborate cut decoration.