Wood mould construction, metal mould construction and tool construction for glass production​

We manufacture beech wood blow moulds (so-called “Modl”) in any desired size and shape as well as wooden glassmaking tools in our mould-making shop – for our own projects, as well as for other glassworks, studios and glassmakers.


We use the finest beech wood from our own forests to produce high-precision single or multi-part wooden blow moulds (“Modl”) in all sizes for manual glass production – our moulds are made both by hand and with the help of computers. Stable hinges and milled centering points ensure incredible stable and precisely sealing moulds.

The advantages of our wooden moulds compared to conventional turned wooden blow moulds

Maximum size

We can produce wooden blow moulds in almost any size. Feel free to challenge us! 


We know from experience that the limit in this respect tends to be set by the glassmakers themselves, who can – at some point – no longer lift, move or blow such a large object into a mould due to the size and weight of the glass.



We also produce large moulds from a single, solid piece of beech wood. Our moulds are not assembled from separate wooden parts and therefore do not have any joints or seams. This means that no “cross-sectional lines”, grooves or joint impressions can be seen in the glass after blowing.



100% centred

Due to the milled centering points, our moulds close absolutely precisely and always in the same way. 100% centering, no vertical offset of the two mould halves – this makes our moulds more stable and durable.




We can rework moulds that are no longer dimensionally accurate due to use at least twice. This essentially creates a brand-new mould from the old mould.


This avoids the production of a new mould, as would otherwise be the case. As the wood can therefore be reused several times, this contributes to resource conservation and sustainability.


We also produce metal moulds for manual glass production. Both single and multi-part metal blow moulds, moulds for cast glass, metal templates and tools. We also manufacture all the usual wooden tools required for manual glass production exactly according to customer specifications.

Milled centering points​ round

Milled centering points​ round

Milled centering points​ oval